Hygiene Rating By FSSAI

The Hygiene Rating Audit initiative launched by FSSAI for restaurants is an online scoring process which allows consumers to make informed choices about the places they want to eat. The main aim of the hotel hygiene rating is to enhance the dining experience while also maintaining food safety.

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Informed Consumers

The availability of hygiene audit will improve consumer's food eating habits.

Improved Restaurant Standards

The current scheme will encourage restaurants to enhance their food hygiene standards

Safety from Food Adulteration

Consumption of unadulterated food will aid in increasing a restaurant's food safety star ratings

Growth in Restaurant Revenue

Creating awareness and maintaining higher food safety ratings will increase investor's confidence and boost the sector

Trained Food Handlers

FSSAI requires eateries to have their staff trained in safe food serving which will ensure responsible food handlers

Emphasis on Personal Hygiene

Upholding personal hygiene will appeal to a consumer’s sense of maintaining a healthy lifestyle


Checklist and Scoring Process

FBOs will be scored based on self-assessment questionnaire for compliance with food hygiene and safety procedures

Very Good

Score : 81 - 100


Score : 61 - 80


Score : 41 - 60

Need Improvement

Score : 21 - 40


Score : 0 - 20



The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is an autonomous body responsible for protecting and promoting public health through regulation and supervision of food safety.

The recent guidelines laid down by FSSAI on hygiene audit is being mandated for restaurants Pan-India. Their aim is to facilitate food safety in restaurants with the help of hygiene ratings. FBO’s are expected to conduct audits from certified agencies.

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